digital dylan

I have been working on some digital Dylan images for art journaling and I thought I ought to post them as they go rather than waiting till I have an art journal entry.
Kind of a works in progress idea.
An ACEO card-
one of a series
 waiting for a quote

if you click you'll get a larger image.
Nice, if I say so myself!
Feel free to print them if you like.

An all Bob Etsy shop... What do you think?


Bob love on ETSY

Since I am planning yet another etsy shop- I have 2, both of which I have been ignoring)this coming one will be pretty much all Dylan, all the time
so I went over there started browsing the Dylan offerings (on ETSY) last night. Along with T-Shirts, hoodies, tank tops and infant onesies (toooo cute) there are button pins, earrings, magnets-

I  liked this print quite a bit:

Post Continued with lots of fun art, jewelry etc. Don't miss the amazing painted guitar case.... Click below