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Since I am planning yet another etsy shop- I have 2, both of which I have been ignoring)this coming one will be pretty much all Dylan, all the time
so I went over there started browsing the Dylan offerings (on ETSY) last night. Along with T-Shirts, hoodies, tank tops and infant onesies (toooo cute) there are button pins, earrings, magnets-

I  liked this print quite a bit:

Post Continued with lots of fun art, jewelry etc. Don't miss the amazing painted guitar case.... Click below

I thought these magnet gift sets from pretentious jewelry were fun. She also has some funky rings and other items along the same lines. Cute gift ideas for your Bobette friends.
and I thought this one (above)  from Sunny Champagne was interesting.
And this mixed media triptych from retrowhale is pretty darn cool if you ask me- which you didn't.

There are also coasters, bowls and clocks made from Dylan Vinyl and other things of that nature. Lots of different art work: collage, paintings, drawings digital and more. I like a lot of the prints I saw. Lots of these lyric quote prints.
This print (above) is from bird ave.
And some typographic kinds of prints, this one from total illustration is printed on canvas paper and there are some done on wood panels as well. 

Here are my two favorite items: 

This one is an ACEO card from Christinasmagic and only $3.00! For those that don't know ACEO cards are 2.5"x3.5"
You can find more information on ACEO and ATC cards here, or here, and/or here.

The other one I really, really, really like is this guitar case from Sound Box Designs.
I don't know why but the picture of this item will not load from the URL or from my computer.
Click the link above though to check it out- it is very cool IMHO.
I don't play guitar but it makes me want to. It would look great on a wall though- $85.00 seems very reasonable- though I can't afford it. A great Christmas present for your favorite Dylan man or woman?

There are lots more items, cuff-links, makeup bags, purses, posters and even an embroidered sampler. I'll be posting these shopping treats occasionally and no- I don't get any kind of remuneration, the shops do not know this blog or that I am posting- though I will email them afterwards to let them know.
Eventually I'll figure out how to create separate pages for different kinds/categories of entries- but not today. Its late.

Now to do some of my own Bob Art.

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