digital dylan

I have been working on some digital Dylan images for art journaling and I thought I ought to post them as they go rather than waiting till I have an art journal entry.
Kind of a works in progress idea.
An ACEO card-
one of a series
 waiting for a quote

if you click you'll get a larger image.
Nice, if I say so myself!
Feel free to print them if you like.

An all Bob Etsy shop... What do you think?

As I was working on some digital collage and playing with images of Bob  I thought of doing some prints and greeting cards for my etsy shop. (which I have been ignoring as of late- along with everything else) I had planned on doing some ATC/ACEO card sheets-Artists trade them back and forth as well as creating, trading and/or selling special editions for collectors- an inexpensive way to collect some original art. I've been creating sheets for other artists to use in their work- vintage images etc.

I have lists of ideas for Bob Themed art and crafty stuff including Jewelry, collage, handmade books, journals, mixed media etc.
So then it occurred to me why not do a completely Bob Shop YES- I will I thought- as I mentioned in my last entry- I will be opening in the next week or two. I just need to get some stock ready. So for me that means the next month or two! LOL Trying to come up with a good name for it right now as I listen to his music.

Any ideas?

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