My Intentions Are Good...

I once had a friend who told me she had decided  that her epitaph would be "She Meant Well"
which might not seem so funny to you and maybe you had to be there but we were hysterical.
We decided mine would be "Her Intentions Were Good."

So why am I bringing this up and what does it have to do with Bob Dylan?
Well throughout the years with Bob different aspects of his music/art/life come to the forefront in my thoughts and appreciation. There is always something new to find in the lyrics, the phrasing and nuance on the recordings, the layers of meaning that open up piercing your heart or blowing your mind and giving a new personal revelation.

Lately however what I am finding most inspiring is Dylan's commitment to his art. It isn't as if I hadn't thought of it before- I've always admired his ability to grow, evolve, spread out from his center and find new places of creativity. Plus his ability to move forward through it all no matter what is astounding. Whatever critics said (good or bad) or how many times fans "turned" on him he just kept going and letting some kind of inner knowing guide him through. The best example of that is the "judas" performance/tour. As you watch footage from that tour you hear catcalls, boos, voices telling him to get off the stage, to go home. But look at him. He is contained- seemingly impervious. He hears it but he has this steely will to do what he came to do and he will not be driven from his purpose by the disapproval or hostility of others.