Bob Dylan - Must Be Santa

This one always bears repeating!
Perfect to keep in mind when visiting problematic family.
How could anyone be in a bad mood watching this?
Just imagine them at this party!

Preview of things to come-
The aging of artists.
all the commentary that the Wall Street Journal's inane column on
Bob should retire nonsense.

Merry Christmas Everybody.


 I couldn't decide which of these to post- So enjoy them all.
I really should have posted them yesterday in case anyone
wanted to download them and send them as ecards.
Oh Well!
Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!


How Can I Explain- Part 2

So where was I?
I was saying that Dylan became a man to me- what I mean by that is that he was no longer a composite of all the cliched labels that have been projected upon him.all the images of the past, the folkie Bob, the hipster Bob, the pastoral Bob, The Rolling Thunder Bob, the Gospel Bob,  the Infidel Bob, the rock star Bob, Bob the enfant terrible, the enigma, the shape-shifter, the trickster, the re-inventor, the mage, the grump, the difficult, the elusive coalesced into a person. duh.
I mean of course he was a person and I always saw him as such. But...